Call Center Representative example

Inward focused mindset
The focus to solving a customer problem is on accurate and timely resolution with attention on policies, procedures and metrics.
Be curious about:
– How often do Reps get pushback from the customer on the resolution causing more time on a call?
– How often do the Reps look at the clock because call length is a metric?
– After the call, how often do Reps delay finishing the steps needed to complete the customer issue because wrap-up time is a metric?
Outward focused mindset
The focus to solving a customer problem is first on recognizing the demeanor of the customer and listening for their unique needs and challenges. This mindset equips the Rep to make it easier on the customer as the Rep works to solve the problem accurately and timely.
This approach is easier on the customer because the Rep is set up to respond to the customer as a person and not as “caller #25 with the same problem.”
– The Rep can use a compatible communication style so the customer can more easily understand what is involved in solving their issue.
– The Rep can converse with genuine empathy and/or acknowledge the seriousness of the problem in a way that recognizes the customer’s needs and challenges.