Do you have developmental plans for your employees?

We hear this all the time, employees state that they quit their job because of a lack of career growth and advancement opportunities at their workplace. If this is so important to your employees and to you retaining your employees, why don’t more companies have plans in place?

Employee development plans can also be called a growth plan. What a company needs to do is to help employees improve their current skills and to have a plan in place to help them acquire the knowledge and new skills for any new roles they might be qualified for within the organization.

Many organizations’ wait until the employee has turned in their two weeks’ notice and then sit down with the employee, and they put a plan together. We think if the employee is that important you should be proactive in putting a plan in place.

Some organizations say: what if I out a plan in place, helping the employee develop new skills and knowledge and they leave? An opposite question is much more important: what if I do not give them new skills and knowledge and they stay? Mediocracy breeds mediocracy.

You may want our help.

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