Data Privacy Legislation Unanimously Passes Indiana Senate

Indiana is poised to be one of the next states to pass comprehensive data privacy legislation.

The Indiana Senate recently passed, with unanimous and bipartisan support, legislation to establish the rights of consumers regarding their data.

Senate Bill 5, authored by Senator Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne), would give consumers the right to:

  • Confirm whether or not a company is processing their data
  • Correct inaccuracies in their data
  • Have their personal data deleted by a company
  • Obtain a copy of their personal data held by the company
  • Opt out of the processing of the consumer’s personal data


If passed into law, this would take effect Jan. 1, 2026. To become law, the Indiana House of Representatives must also pass this bill and it must be signed by the Governor.

Upholding data privacy for our clients and customers is important to us at Mobius Vendor Partners. Strong ethics and business integrity are core to our company culture.

That’s why Mobius Vendor Partners has worked diligently to comply with the various privacy regulations that have been passed, including the EU’s General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and HIPAA.

We stand ready to comply with this new Indiana law should it take effect.

Read more about Indiana and other state data privacy efforts here:

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