When is a Cyber Security breach not a breach?

The press are in full Cyber Security panic mode. Again.

Recently, LinkedIn reported a ‘hack’ that exposed some 700 million users data and this data has been offered for sale.

Who is selling the data?

How did they get the data?

What is the real risk to the LinkedIn users?

is this a Cyber Security crime?

Do we need to panic or are we looking at a modern version of the Emperors new clothes?

Panic ye not.

LinkedIn have reported @ 800 million worldwide users and as a result, a 700 million ‘hack’ is to say the least, huge.

Yet there is no information on what data was obtained, which country or countries or sectors or how many accounts with financial details were actually exposed.

LinkedIn released a statement that referred to an ‘alleged’ Cyber Security hack.

A great choice of word.

Going further, they suggested that the data breach was in fact anything but a hack.

Not a data breach at all.

Panic over.

LinkedIn are suggesting that external businesses who employ scraper software to find user profiles, are in breach of the terms and conditions of use. They are utilising scraper techniques to find and sell user data to the unsuspecting lead generation buyer.

In truth, with knowledge of the LinkedIn platform advanced search training and processes, this data can be obtained legitimately. And in all probability far more accurately.

Yet those businesses looking for quick wins without putting the work into data research, remain easy prey for the scraper opportunities.

LinkedIn reported that:

Members trust LinkedIn with their data, and any misuse of our members’ data, such as scraping, violates LinkedIn terms of service.

When anyone tries to take member data and use it for purposes LinkedIn and our members haven’t agreed to, we work to stop them and hold them accountable.

We all want the short cut, the easy route, the no stress provision of the lead generation opportunities and we all want to gain sales from the LinkedIn network.

The reality is that most of the short cuts offered are in breach of LinkedIn terms and conditions.

How can we achieve lead generation from LinkedIn and maximise our investment in the platform subscription and our time?

An easy statement will be “follow the guidelines” yet the vast majority of LinkedIn users remain oblivious to the plethora of tools, processes and opportunities that the LinkedIn platform can deliver – if they – you – are prepared to put the work in.

Not sure where to start?

Firstly, change your password and you should do this regularly anyway.

Then, check access to your account via the settings & privacy section on your LinkedIn profile.

Secondly, get a professional review of your profile.

Is it a CV? Is it incomplete? Does it shout that you are an authority delivering quality products / services / solutions?

Ask yourself: Would you connect with you if you were a potential client / supplier / influencer / author?

Next, don’t panic.

MobiusVP can help. Within our group of experienced business consultants we have key experts to provide LinkedIn training, reviews and management based on real-time genuine Data Research processes.

LinkedIn Lead generation processes that you can action without spending hard earned profits with the magic potion charlatans and simple, straightforward advice on how to maximise your LinkedIn performance.

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