Kristin K. Ingram Joins Mobius Vendor Partners as Director of Client Services

Bob Kobek, President and CEO of MobiusVP is delighted to confirm the appointment of Kristin K. Ingram as Director of Client Services.

Kristin K. Ingram as Director of Client Services.

Bob Kobek Introduces Kristin K. Ingram

Kristin will consult with clients and help configure CustomerCount® feedback programs to fit clients’ specific requirements.

Kristin will also engage with our clients to ensure the high level of accountability of the MobiusVP Software.

MobiusVP is the creator of CustomerCount, a leading cloud-based feedback management system which captures, measures and reports data.

Bob added that Kristin is an incredibly talented property management executive who is a serious power user of CustomerCount:

A MobiusVP client at Patton Hospitality, LaTour and Capital Vacations
Winner of Numerous Awards for Innovation
Experienced with Overall Transferring of Data and Implementation
This experience ensures that Kristin has a deep knowledge and understanding of our platform from a subject matter user perspective who also understands programming.

Kristin will collate this experience and knowledge with a special talent of interacting directly with clients and helping them make the most of their CustomerCount experience.

Kristin has more than 25 years’ experience in resort hospitality and technology:

Director of Resort Experience, LaTour Resorts
Regional Director of Operations, LaTour Resorts
Director of Owner & Member Services & Customer Care, Capital Reorts
Regional GM & GM, Bluegreen Vacations
In addition to the long-standing experience above, Kristin also owns Sea-n-things Boat trips, a boat charter business near St. Pete Florida. Kristin will remain in Florida to work remotely, reporting to Lisa Kobek, Sr VP of MobiusVP.

Kirstin’s numerous awards include:

Winner of “Zealandia Dragon Tank” Entrepreneurial Spirit Competition, Zealandia Holdings Company
GM Award Winner for Best Hospitality Team, Bluegreen Vacations
Team Philanthropy Award for Deliver the Dream, Bluegreen Vacations
Directors Chair Award and GM of the Year, Bluegreen Vacations
Silver ARDY Award, Assistant GM of the YEar,
Kristin says; “I describe myself as a computer nerd with people skills” and added that “One of my roles at MobiusVP is to work directly with GMs and Regional Directors. Since I too was once in that role, their challenges are clear to me. I have the ability to offer real life experience to help solve any concerns and to also introduce them to unique and innovative features that only CustomerCount can offer.

As a Master user, Kristin will utilise CustomerCounts customised program:

Guide clients through reports
Train clients on ease of use and customisation
Take clients through options such as languages and descriptor fields.
CustomerCount was created in 2007 by Mobius VP, the well-known business process design, management, and performance improvement company.

CustomerCount was originally designed to improve customer experience within three segments: sales experience, contact experience and product experience.

Since then, the acceptance of the platform has been widespread in the hospitality, health, contact center, and education sectors.

The latest addition to the robust survey solution is Measuring the Employee Experience (E/X).

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