The Mobius Strip


At first glance, it seems like a simple closed loop. It is often confused with the sign of infinity. In fact, it is infinity and was largely responsible for the industrial revolution. Upon closer inspection its unique properties become apparent.

If you make a simple loop out of paper, tape the ends, then cut the loop in half lengthwise, you’ll end up with two loops that are half the width of the original circle.

However, cut a Mobius strip in half and you’ll end up with one Mobius strip that is twice the length of the original. Where an ordinary loop is easily diminished, the Mobius strip continues to grow.

What makes the Mobius strip so remarkably different?

A simple half twist.

That elegant little turn changes something simple and ordinary into something remarkable and efficient.

At Mobius Vendor Partners, we take that same approach to our services that August Ferdinand Mobius applied when creating the Mobius strip.

We deliver an ingenious twist that can take your organization out of the realm of the ordinary and into a whole new plane.