Our Approach

Our approach at Mobius VP

We value our customers and vendors

The word “partner” has a prominent place within our company name and within our organizational philosophy. Whether interacting with a vendor or client, Mobius’ approach to each is that of a partner. We are committed to ensuring an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and responsibility with our clients and vendors. We know it is through their success that we are successful. We believe that due in part to this philosophy we have been privileged to retain on-going contractual working relationships averaging four years in length with a large percentage of our clients.

We focus on measurable results

Success is built upon knowing and ensuring performance. Without tracking, monitoring and reporting of performance, your full success cannot be realized. At Mobius, we provide solutions whose immediate or forecasted impacts are measurable in quantitative and/or qualitative terms. We work with our clients to identify the key performance indicators related to our solutions and develop processes/systems for effective reporting.

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We communicate, communicate, communicate

Keeping you informed throughout each work effort is one of our top priorities. We work closely with our clients to establish status reporting protocols that ensure the right people in your organization keep apprised about important areas such as progress against key milestones and activities.

Mobius approach

We commit the time to learn your organization and industry

Your organization is just that – yours. It has unique internal elements from sales and service philosophies to organizational culture to strategic and tactical objectives. External factors such as how your organization fits into your industry, the current industry landscape and customer expectations drive company priorities, objectives and performance. At Mobius, we learn the significant aspects of your organization and industry that impact the areas of performance upon which our efforts are focused. Armed with this intelligence, we are positioned to provide effective recommendations and solutions to enhance your organization’s process performance.

We seek and value input from key stakeholders

Without an understanding of the needs, expectations, and impressions of key stakeholders of a process or organization, the success of any performance improvement effort is at risk. From employees to management to customers to vendors, representative input from key stakeholder groups is necessary to effectively determine and implement performance improvement solutions. Mobius works in tandem with your organization to identify key stakeholders and ensure appropriate levels of interaction and communication with each.

We commit to effective transfer of knowledge and methods that comprise our performance improvement solutions

Some clients request Mobius to assist them on a longer term basis with managing the deployment of process performance solutions or the on-going performance of targeted processes. Others opt to handle these aspects themselves. Whatever the situation, Mobius produces deliverables that are easily understood and capable of being effectively interpreted by others for purposes of deployment and on-going management. We ensure deliverables are easily interpreted and support the effective transfer of knowledge and methods.

Our approach

We minimize complexity of solutions and implementations

How many times have we called upon our GPS only to find out it is too difficult to use or interpret? If they’re that tough to use, they’ll end up back in the glove compartment and you’ll end up trying to guess your way back – not the most ideal of situations. At Mobius, we understand the importance of ensuring that any design, solution or plan for improving your organization’s process performance must be easily deployed and managed. Otherwise it will very likely suffer the same fate as that of any less than user friendly GPS or road map – it will be stored away for another day.

We investigate thoroughly

Pre-conceived notions lead to misperception, misunderstanding, misdirection and misinformation. At Mobius we focus on validating and clarifying information throughout every stage of work and interaction with our clients. No detail is too small to warrant assumption without verification. We take the time to build a solid foundation of information about your specific goals and situation – a foundation predicated upon facts. In doing so, we can identify appropriate solutions to maximize your organization’s business process performance.