Just as there is no beginning or end to the continuing, related loop inherent to the mobius strip, so it is with the menu of services offered by Mobius Vendor Partners (Mobius). We offer a related suite of services that when applied individually, or in consort with one another, assist our clients in increasing company performance, efficiency and effectiveness to gain positive, bottom line impacts.

Business Process Improvement and Management

A business process can be defined as a series of related business activities performed together to create something of value to a customer. Effective processes lead to effective performance. An efficient and effective process ensures the following:

  • Customer requirements are met or exceeded
  • Key performance indicators are clearly identified, measured and reported
  • Process outputs achieve their purpose
  • Duplication of effort, avoidable expense or other notable inefficiencies are negated
  • Staff involved in or benefiting from a process are aligned with the purpose, goals and objectives of the process

Mobius’ Business Process Improvement and Management Services support your ability to ensure efficient and effective processes. From assessing current process performance to managing recommended improvements, Mobius can help you optimize the performance of your business processes.

Our menu of Business Process Improvement and Management Services includes the following.


You want to know that any new process you will put in place will fulfill its purpose. For existing processes, you need to know what’s working and what’s not; or you may know something is not working, but do not have the time to dig into the why. Mobius can help.

Whether assisting clients with designing new processes or improving upon existing ones, Mobius begins our process performance improvement or management efforts by assessing the targeted process. What is its purpose? How does it benefit the customer? What organization goals and objectives does it support? What are its key performance indicators and are they being met? What are process outputs and are they meeting objectives? Are there points of redundancy within the process? Is staff involved in the process aligned with its purpose and goals? Documenting these and other findings lays the appropriate foundation for designing the new process or improving upon the existing one.

Upon completion of the assessment, our clients are provided with written documentation summarizing our findings. For existing processes, these findings outline the positive aspects of the process that should continue to be capitalized upon, and aspects of the process for which there are opportunities for change or improvement


Once you know new process requirements and/or current process performance, good decisions about effective process design can be made. The activities associated with process design efforts are based upon the findings from the assessment.

When building new processes for our clients, it is during the design phase that Mobius documents the components for that process (i.e. activities, objectives, outputs, key performance indicators, staff and technology requirements, etc.). Process flows are generated as applicable to provide visual representation of the process design.

When redesigning existing processes to improve performance, it is during the design phase that Mobius documents key opportunities for improvement. We indicate which findings from the assessment phase will be addressed by the recommended improvements. As applicable, projected qualitative and quantitative improvements in process performance are documented during this phase, and process flows are generated to provide a visual representation of the process redesign.


During the deployment phase, Mobius documents performance improvement strategies and tactics with a corresponding action plan to guide efforts to implement the new process or process improvements. Consideration is given to not only how recommended activities and infrastructure components may best be implemented, but how the changes can be effectively communicated to ensure acceptance by key stakeholders.

The action plan that is delivered at the end of the deployment phase prioritizes recommended actions based upon their dependency to one another. The plan is as detailed as our clients require and usually includes actions, tasks, assigned resources for completion, projected start and completion dates.


At times, we find that our clients do not have the internal resource capacity that is necessary to oversee the effective implementation of the action plan formulated through the assessment, design and deployment phases. At Mobius, we have the resources to supplement your organization’s efforts by providing project management or specific task completion support – whatever your needs, we can assist.

We also provide resources to assist your organization on a longer term basis with managing the on-going performance of targeted processes. Many of our clients have secured our assistance in the continued management or performance of key marketing, sales or operational processes.

Business Relationship Management

Often confused with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Relationship Management is the process of utilizing business relationships to meet company objectives, reduce marketing costs, boost credibility and increase influence.

Our Business Relationship Management services help our clients to acquire and leverage outside support to further their organizations’ goals and objectives. From navigating through the choppy waters of industry trade associations to addressing the ever-pressing need to identify centers of influence, Mobius is skilled in supporting our clients’ efforts to build business relationships that matter.

Our Business Relationship Management services can help you:

  • Build and manage an effective strategic business to business marketing and communication plan
  • Develop and manage relationships with industry contacts for partnership and alliance opportunities
  • Maximize participation in industry trade associations
  • Identify success measurements for all industry relationships
    ...and much more

Customer Feedback Solutions

Designed, built and managed by Mobius, CustomerCount is considered a premiere online customer feedback solution. Four years ago, Mobius designed this system for one of our clients – a Fortune 500 international travel leisure company - to capture feedback from their millions of customers around the globe. Today, Mobius continues to manage CustomerCount for this client and many others across various industries.

CustomerCount collects, measures and reports customer feedback through branded, customized online surveys. These surveys are formulated to measure the quality of the customer experience with your organization across three primary touch-points.

  • Sales Experience
  • Customer Service Experience
  • Product Experience

While other customer feedback systems may appear to offer similar solutions, CustomerCount provides what we believe to be unsurpassed product attributes, capabilities and client assistance - for lower cost! We invite you to learn more at www.customercount.info.