Who We Are

Founded in 1999, Mobius Vendor Partners (Mobius) is a business process design, management and performance improvement company with personnel committed to excellence in assessment and deployment. We help our client organizations increase efficiency and effectiveness to gain positive, bottom line impacts.

At Mobius we understand that business in the real world is rarely as simple as it is in textbooks or the latest business best-seller. On average, each of our executives - the resources who work directly with our clients - possesses more than 20 years of hands-on business leadership, management, marketing, sales, service and/or operational experience.

For projects that require additional specialized skills, we call on our network of strategic partners. These industry leaders have been carefully selected based upon their unique abilities, creative solutions and compatible business philosophies.

With Mobius, you get the right balance of conceptual knowledge, real world experience and entrepreneurial passion. This enables us to quickly understand your business and processes, so that we can identify performance improvement solutions that fit your organization and your goals.

Our Approach

We value our customers and vendors

The word "partner" has a prominent place within our company name and within our organizational philosophy. Whether interacting with a vendor or client, Mobius' approach to each is that of a partner. We are committed to ensuring an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and responsibility with our clients and vendors. We know it is through their success that we are successful. We believe that due in part to this philosophy we have been privileged to retain on-going contractual working relationships averaging four years in length with a large percentage of our clients.

We focus on measurable results

Success is built upon knowing and ensuring performance. Without tracking, monitoring and reporting of performance, your full success cannot be realized. At Mobius, we provide solutions whose immediate or forecasted impacts are measurable in quantitative and/or qualitative terms. We work with our clients to identify the key performance indicators related to our solutions and develop processes/systems for effective reporting.

We communicate, communicate, communicate

Keeping you informed throughout each work effort is one of our top priorities. We work closely with our clients to establish status reporting protocols that ensure the right people in your organization keep apprised about important areas such as progress against key milestones and activities.

We commit the time to learn your organization and industry

Your organization is just that - yours. It has internal elements unique to itself - from sales and service philosophies to organizational culture to strategic and tactical objectives. External factors such as how your organization fits into your industry, the current landscape of that industry and customer expectations also drive company priorities, objectives and performance. At Mobius, we take the time to learn the significant aspects of your organization and industry that impact the areas of performance upon which our efforts are focused. Armed with this intelligence, we are positioned to provide effective recommendations and solutions to enhance your organization's process performance.

We seek and value input from key stakeholders

Without an understanding of the needs, expectations, and impressions of key stakeholders of a process or organization, the success of any performance improvement effort is at risk. From employees to management to customers to vendors, representative input from key stakeholder groups is necessary to effectively determine and implement performance improvement solutions. Mobius works in tandem with your organization to identify key stakeholders and ensure appropriate levels of interaction and communication with each.

We commit to effective transfer of knowledge and methods that comprise our performance improvement solutions

Some clients request Mobius to assist them on a longer term basis with managing the deployment of process performance solutions or the on-going performance of targeted processes. Others opt to handle these aspects themselves. Whatever the situation, Mobius produces deliverables that are easily understood and capable of being effectively interpreted by others for purposes of deployment and on-going management. We ensure deliverables are easily interpreted and support the effective transfer of knowledge and methods.

We minimize complexity of solutions and implementations

How many times have we called upon our GPS or road map only to find out it is too difficult to use, read or interpret? If they are that tough to use, they'll end up back in the glove compartment and you'll end up trying to guess your way back to the Interstate - not the most ideal of situations. At Mobius, we understand the importance of ensuring that any design, solution or plan for improving your organization's process performance must be easily deployed and managed. Otherwise it will very likely suffer the same fate as that of any less than user friendly GPS or road map - it will be stored away for another day.

We investigate thoroughly

Pre-conceived notions lead to misperception, misunderstanding, misdirection and misinformation. At Mobius we focus on validating and clarifying information throughout every stage of work and interaction with our clients. No detail is too small to warrant assumption without verification. We take the time to build a solid foundation of information about your specific goals and situation - a foundation predicated upon facts. In doing so, we can identify appropriate solutions to maximize your organization's business process performance.

Our Executives

At Mobius Vendor Partners (Mobius) we believe one of our greatest assets is our people. Our executives each average more than 20 years of hands-on for-profit and/or not-for-profit organizational leadership, management, marketing, sales, service and/or operational experience. Our clients are assured that one or more of these executives will work directly on their projects - assuming both the higher level project management as well as the day to day responsibilities.

We invite you to learn more about our team.

Robert A. Kobek - President

Prior to forming Mobius Vendor Partners in October of 1999, Mr. Kobek spent more than 20 years in the direct marketing industry and government. He successfully launched and then sold or completed mergers of two companies with core competencies in the teleservices industry.

Specializing in the design, implementation and marketing of products and services, Bob has designed more than 150 outbound telemarketing, inbound customer service and order processing operations and interactive information systems. His experience ranges with clients located across North America and throughout Europe.

While serving as the Director of Indiana Liaison for United States Senator Vance Hartke, Mr. Kobek specialized in the monitoring of consumer protection and telecommunications legislation. Bob continued his focus upon consumer protection and other sales and marketing industry issues while serving as the Director of Special Projects for Indiana General Assembly Speaker of the House, Phillip Bainbridge.

Mr. Kobek attended Holy Cross College at Notre Dame and Indiana University, concentrating in Business and Political Science.

William Morris - Managing Partner

Mobius Vendor Partners was fortunate to have Mr. Morris join them as Managing Partner over five years ago. Bill has held a number of executive level positions across a broad range of industries, with an emphasis on Finance, Information Systems and Strategic and Business Planning.

As Executive Publisher of the Saturday Evening Post Company and its 18 publications, Mr. Morris maintained responsibility for all production, finance, sales and circulation planning and execution. During his 10 years with Resort Condominiums International (RCI) as its Vice President of Finance, Planning and Development, RCI's revenues grew twenty-fold to more than $350 million.

Throughout his career, Bill has also had direct responsibility for turn-around situations, several start-ups, capital funding, acquisitions and large-scale planning and development assignments.

Mr. Morris graduated from Indiana University with a concentration in Finance.

Karl Jacobs - Business Process Improvement and Management Services

Throughout Mr. Jacobs' career, he has exhibited extraordinary leadership and organizational skills, earning himself a reputation as a catalyst for getting things done quickly and effectively.

Prior to joining Mobius Vendor Partners, Karl served as Vice President for Transcom, an international customer relationship management company with annual revenues of $200 million. Initially brought on as the Vice President of Operations, Mr. Jacobs was responsible for leading start-up operations that resulted in the hiring of 800 employees and the opening of four U.S. and three European facilities in just 18 months.

As Director of Member Services for Resort Condominiums International (RCI), Karl planned and directed member services operations for that company's more than one million customers. As a result of his outstanding performance in this capacity, he was assigned to lead a company-wide business process reengineering effort that redesigned customer sales and service processes. In his final year at RCI, Mr. Jacobs served as Vice President of Information Technology.

Prior to working in the private sector, Karl spent 20 years in the U.S. military. His military career began as a graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Subsequent assignments included tours with the U.S. Army in Europe and Vietnam, Associate Professor of German at West Point, Executive Officer to the Personnel Director for the XVIII Airborne Corps and command of an Army battalion, directing a staff of more than 60 personnel who motivated, trained and graduated 12,000 finance, legal and personnel specialists annually.

Mr. Jacobs holds a B.S. in Engineering from the United States Military Academy, an M.A. in German Language and Literature from Middlebury College and an M.B.A. from Long Island University.

Marc Carlson - Business Relationship Services

Mr. Carlson is no stranger to working with organizations to maximize business relationships for purposes of increasing influence, meeting company objectives, reducing marketing costs and bolstering credibility.

Early in his career, Marc worked in the world of auto racing, matching corporate sponsors to teams within CART, NASCAR and USAC racing leagues to maximize sponsor marketing dollars and exposure.

As the Director of Business Development for an information technology firm, Mr. Carlson implemented numerous cost-cutting measures for launching marketing programs focused on Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations primarily in the leisure, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries. His initiatives produced more qualified prospects than the company had experienced with any other initiatives.

Mr. Carlson graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. in Finance.

Lisa Kobek - Business Process Improvement and Management Services

Ms. Kobek has built a career on developing and managing business processes for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. She has been responsible for managing and motivating large staffs, satisfying large numbers of customers, developing and meeting strategic, sales and operational goals and designing and/or implementing key departmental, divisional and enterprise wide processes.

As the Vice President of Resort Services for Resort Condominiums International (RCI), she established strategic business plans and designed business processes to meet the diverse needs of more than 1200 resort clients based in the United States and Caribbean. Also at RCI, Lisa served as the Project Sponsor for an enterprise-wide business process reengineering effort. During this time, she led project teams through process design and improvement efforts that addressed company processes, training procedures and information systems - impacting more than 30 company facilities across six continents

During her tenure with Christel House, an international children's charity, Ms. Kobek established and managed the fundraising strategy to meet the annual goal of $850,000. Additionally, Lisa created the inaugural Christel House Open charity golf tournament to raise funds for Christel House. Taking place at over 20 locations around the globe, the event raised $300,000 in its first year and went from design to implementation over a nine month period. Within four years, annual proceeds from the event grew to $800,000.

Ms. Kobek holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Butler University.

Strategic Partners

Combinations of factors enable Mobius Vendor Partners (Mobius) to be uniquely positioned to provide our clients with quality solutions that work. One of these factors is the relationship we have with our strategic partners.

The fact that the word "partner" has a prominent position within our name is no accident. In the event we have a client project that can benefit from additional specialized skills to supplement those of our executives, we call upon our network of strategic partners to assist. When participating, these strategic partner organizations become a seamless member of the Mobius team in delivering quality services for our clients.

Mobius is proud to call the following organizations our strategic partners. These industry leaders were carefully selected based upon their proven abilities, creative solutions and compatible business philosophies.


Mobius Strip

At first glance, it seems like a simple closed loop. It is often confused with the sign of infinity. In fact, it is infinity and was largely responsible for the industrial revolution. Upon closer inspection its unique properties become apparent.

If you make a simple loop out of paper, tape the ends, then cut the loop in half lengthwise, you'll end up with two loops that are half the width of the original circle. However, cut a Mobius strip in half and you'll end up with one Mobius strip that is twice the length of the original. Where an ordinary loop is easily diminished, the Mobius strip continues to grow.

What makes the Mobius strip so remarkably different?
The Mobius Strip
A simple half twist.

That elegant little turn changes something simple and ordinary into something remarkable and efficient. At Mobius Vendor Partners, we take that same approach to our services that August Ferdinand Mobius applied when creating the Mobius strip. We deliver an ingenious twist that can take your organization out of the realm of the ordinary and into a whole new plane.

Diversity Policy

We understand when we reflect the demographics of our markets we will serve our customers in a more enhanced way, and build a stronger and healthier organization. Diversity therefore makes good business sense.

Diversity is the collective strength of experiences, skills, talents, perspectives, and cultures that each employee and vendor brings to Mobius.

As one of our company's core values, diversity standards recognize behavior that:

  • Is not only to be reflected in our beliefs, but also in our ongoing actions.
  • The substantial contribution diversity of perspectives makes to generating new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • A diverse workforce with a range of different backgrounds and perspectives gives Mobius a broader range of ideas and insights to draw on in decision making and policy development.

Workforce and Hiring Diversity

Recruiting, retaining, and promoting diverse employees are critical to our success in our ever changing marketplace. It is a part of our culture that we promote:

  • A diverse workforce is better positioned to meet the needs of all our clients.
  • A diverse, inclusive, and fully engaged workforce is key to increasing productivity and improving customer service.
  • Equality of opportunity for all staff irrespective of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation and faith creates business benefits.

Supplier Diversity

Mobius is committed to continuing to provide procurement opportunities to certified Minority-owned Business Enterprises, Women-owned Business Enterprises, Service Disabled Veteran businesses, Historically Underutilized Business, and other small business entities.

Community Outreach

An example of our commitment to Diversity and how we meet this goal and demonstrate our commitment to supplier diversity is our commitment as a member of the Board of Advisors to Women in the Industry (W.I.N.) a nonprofit organization dedicated to mentoring and educating women in the hospitality industry.